The Cedar Mill's Services

Featuring Pre-Stained Wood and Custom Post Milling

Need a cedar, vinyl, or aluminum fence, we can help you. One of our services is helping you select the best fence to meet your needs. We offer fence solutions for pretty much any situation. We want you to know about all of our products and services because we believe part of our job is to bring to your attention all the possibilities that you have. We feel the more you know about what options you have the better decision you’ll be able to make. Of course, we are confident that by making a better decision you will select one of our products over our competitors.

The Cedar Mill is currently one of the only fencing contractors offering "prestaining”. This involves having your fence completely sealed and stained by our in-house professionals before it is installed. There are numerous reasons for staining before construction. It will eliminate the unpredictability of weather, landscaping challenges, and other factors that negatively affect the coverage of your first stain coat--which is the most important coat for your fence.

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Cedar Mill will inspect your site and the fence style and design you prefer and then measure for proper installation and construction. The planning phase is critical for constructing a quality fence that works within the space, is solid and secure, and will stand the test of time.

The building and installation phase is an exciting part of the project as the individual pieces quickly transform into the final fence. The Cedar Mill team focuses on building a quality fence and they always pay attention to the details. A lot goes into properly building a fence and it is very important to do the job properly from the start. This is why we seek out and hire the best fence installers in the industry.