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Quality and Craftsmanship Since 1975

The Cedar Mill is a family-owned fence company with a rich legacy spanning several generations. Started by Grandpa Joe Keefe in 1946, the company has evolved over the years while staying true to his innovative and visionary approach to the fence industry. Today, under the ownership of Mike Keefe, the fourth generation of the family, The Cedar Mill continues to honor the values and traditions instilled by Grandpa Joe, aiming to build quality custom fences and uphold the company's longstanding reputation for excellence.

A Rich Legacy in Fencing

Learn about the the history of The Cedar Mill Fence Company

About The Cedar Mill

Fences Designed and Built for You and Your Property…

We know there are many reasons people buy fences from The Cedar Mill. Whatever the reason, we support it. A new fence does wonders for your property.

We are here to help you select the right fence to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in cedar, vinyl, or aluminum fencing we can help you make your new fence a reality.

As you know, quality is of primary importance when selecting something as important as a fence. Every day fences are exposed to harsh weather, foreign objects falling or being thrown at it, clawing and scratching from critters, and pretty much anything else that can be imagined. At least, we hope you realize what a beating a fence actually takes.

And Cedar Mill fences will take that beating and more. We use the highest quality materials available, hand mill our timber in our own facility, and properly treat the final product. Our posts are thicker, stronger, and last longer than mass produced versions that are commonly used today. We also pride ourselves on our pre-staining and fence treatment process. This process completely seals and stains the wood by professionals before it is installed. Proper sealing and staining techniques allow for a maximum dry-time and significantly increase the longevity of the wood.

So basically, if you have a reason to buy a fence we suggest you buy a Cedar Mill fence.